Welcome to Dipaleseng Local Municipality

Dipaleseng Local Municipality (DLM) is one of the seven local municipalities that make up Gert Sibande District. It is located on the northwest corner of Mpumalanga, and borders onto Gauteng and Free State Provinces to the west and south respectively. Lekwa and Govan Mbeki local municipalities are located along the Eastern and Southern boundary. It covers an area of approximately 2616.5km2.

Executive Mayor – Cllr. Mafunda Makhubu

Message from the Executive Mayor

Dipaleseng Local Municipality takes pride in its optimum sense of value and the vitality of providing accountable programmes in the expansion of service delivery in all departmental areas of the municipality.

We are clear about the agenda to restore the dignity of our people through the rollout of better and quality services, giving them the security of tenure and improving their general living conditions.

We want to build a caring government, a government that knows where people live, and which does its best to improve their lives.

Dipaleseng Local Municipality continues to show great and progressive outcomes through high excellence dedication of the political wing, management and the employees in ensuring that the provision of quality and prominent services are conveyed through commitment, loyalty, perseverance, keenness and being devoted in the serving of the society .

Dipaleseng Local Municipality welcomes you to its biosphere where potential meets quality in the access to information, to provide full access and adequate help to our society.


Our Vision

Center of quality, affordable services, good governance and sustainable economic opportunities

Our Mission

Provision of sustainable services to communities and ensure that they are served by accountable and effective Municipality.

Corporate Values

A customer centered approach shapes the values of the Dipaleseng Local Municipality.

This defines the character of the Municipality and how leadership and employees behave and make decisions.
  • Transparency
  • Community Centeredness
  • Performance Excellence
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Co-operative Governance

Dipaleseng Local Municipality