Welcome to Dipaleseng Local Municipality

Dipaleseng Local Municipality (DLM) is one of the seven local municipalities that make up Gert Sibande District. It is located on the northwest corner of Mpumalanga, and borders onto Gauteng and Free State Provinces to the west and south respectively. Lekwa and Govan Mbeki local municipalities are located along the Eastern and Southern boundary. It covers an area of approximately 2616.5km2.


Cllr. Khethiwe Moeketsi

Message from the Executive Mayor

Dipaleseng Local Municipality is a local government entity at the coalface of direct service delivery with deliberate aims of community improvement.

The municipality also faces the formidable task of planning; implementing, assessing and providing feedback on the performance echelons achieved as per plans in our budgets, Service Delivery Budget Implementation Plans which are derived from our overall Integrated Development Plan.

Given the pre-existing institutional and environmental challenges we are remain steadfast and are still geared towards serving the needs of the community of Dipaleseng.

Dipaleseng Local Municipality continues to deliver services being guided by five Local government key priorities that are: Financial Viability, Good Governance & Public Participation, Basic Infrastructure, Local Economic Development and Organisational Transformation and Institutional Development.

Financial viability is one of the major components of a sound government entity that aims to successfully carry out its legal obligatory mandate such as Dipaleseng.

Implementation of revenue enhancement strategy alongside other budget related plans is paramount in the improvement to our financial situation.

The institution had challenges with the full time appointment in the capacity of Accounting Officer, an anomaly that often threatens the overall institutional stability if left unattended timeously. The presence of a full capacity of capable senior managers however assisted in ensuring the attainment of business continuity and its overall objectives.

The institution continues to strive to attract competent, committed, skilled and knowledgeable professionals to advance it to greater heights.

The National Development Plan 2030 highlights the need for a long-term approach to skills development in order to develop technical and professional skills needed to fulfil core functions in the public service arena. It also highlight that most learning takes place on the job, and that staff members at all levels need to be stretched, supported and mentored to develop their skills and expertise.

Dipaleseng Local Municipality understands the need to pay attention to the role of recruitment, human resources and management practices in promoting ongoing learning alongside the provision of training.

At the local government level, there is an increased need to ensure that participation in the integrated development planning process is deliberative, with citizens being involved in identifying and resolving trade-offs rather than simply developing shopping lists of needs.

While structures such as ward committees have been established to enable councilors and officials to engage with communities through public participation, this system or linkage was not realized as a result of the outbreak of Coronavirus in the past year which made it difficult. The challenge should be addressed through the translation of IDP’s into ward-level service delivery improvement plans that respond to specific needs of each specific and unique ward.

More weight needs to be placed on endorsing the existence of two-way communication and interaction that enables citizens to express their needs and concerns as well as for citizens to be kept informed by councilors of key issues and developments that are underway in the ward.

Dipaleseng is faced with aged and dilapidated infrastructure which was constructed to service long surpassed numbers of people. This is further compounded by a rapidly growing population, economy and prosperity which have led to growing utilization of infrastructure by more and more people.

We sit with a bigger prerequisite for economic infrastructure investment while still continuing to address backlogs in housing and social infrastructure. An inclusive and local economic development strategy which encompasses uplifting local SMME’s and bridging gaps between them and surrounding business and industries is what Dipaleseng aims for.

While government cannot realistically adequately meet the all needs of all role players in the local economy mix, the responsibility to create a fertile and mutually beneficial environment that fosters growth and development of the local economy rests with us.

With the ever increasing unemployment rate, we need to push efforts in start-up businesses as it has been proven to thrust economies in developed countries. We need to place ourselves in better quartile in terms of opportunity entrepreneurship and new firm activity.

Past, present and future projects that employ the utilization of local skills and resources through SMME’s individually or by partnership reflect our commitment to the realization of such goal.

I cannot omit to echo our assurance to continued service delivery upholding Batho Pele principles at all times to ensure the realization of our vision of a developmental local government


Our Vision

Center of quality, affordable services, good governance and sustainable economic opportunities

Our Mission

Provision of sustainable services to communities and ensure that they are served by accountable and effective Municipality.

Corporate Values

A customer centered approach shapes the values of the Dipaleseng Local Municipality.

This defines the character of the Municipality and how leadership and employees behave and make decisions.
  • Transparency
  • Community Centeredness
  • Performance Excellence
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Co-operative Governance

Dipaleseng Local Municipality