05 Sep 2017 11:34

During November 2016, the South African Local Government Association conducted training programmes for new councilors to prepare and capacitate them for the new term.

The five day training programme covered nine modules in areas of Municipal Governance, Policy & Legislation, Municipal Role players & Stakeholders, Municipal Procedures & Protocols, Municipal Planning & Strategy, Municipal Finance, Municipal Performance & Accountability, Municipal Councillor as a Skilled Leader and Municipal Councillor as an Ethical Leader.

The new councilors received certificates after they successfully attended the Integrated Councilor Induction Programme, which was supported by Local Government Sector and Education Training Authority (LGSETA).

“These programme are aimed at increasing the efficiency of councils of local government in the day to day running of institutions. It is against this background that it is appreciated that our councilors are well capacitated to take informed decisions that will take this institution forward,” said the Executive Mayor of Dipaleseng, Cllr. Mafunda Makhubu when asked to comment on his fellow councilors’ certification.

LGSETA believes that as a developing country, South Africa’s workforce plays a key role in service delivery due to the significance of having a skilled and capable workers cannot be over accentuated to assist local government structures in meeting their constitutional mandate and also improve the lives of South Africans.


Dipaleseng Local Municipality