17 Feb 2017 11:23

The Executive Mayor of Dipaleseng Local Municipality, Clr. Mafunda Makhubu engaged local business owners to outline their responsibility to work together. The main purpose of the engagement was to forge good business relations and the payment of services by the businesses.

A lot of unresolved and incorrect issues are still outstanding that need the commitment and cooperation of the local business fraternity together with the municipality to address. Issues ranging from the operation of businesses from incorrectly zones places to the non – payment of property rates and service accounts were discussed by the assemblages.

The Acting Municipal Manager, Mr. Sailor Netshivhale also explained the importance of the registration and licensing of all the local businesses in their variety. This will then allow the municipality to regulate and monitor their operations and enforce penalties were necessary. The Executive Mayor felt it necessary that such engagements be held with the stakeholders, before taking drastic steps against those that transgress regulations and/or default on their accounts.

“Our customers need to pay their accounts; the municipality has huge debts of exorbitant amounts particularly to Eskom and Department of Water Affairs and Sanitation. We will not be in a position to pay our own debts if people don’t pay us,” explained the Executive Mayor.

Application for business registrations will be open for owners to register their businesses on the register of the municipality at a once off fee of R300.00. After the cut-off date of registering, a penalty fine of R1 000.00 will be effected for those who failed to register in time.

The municipality will dispatch field workers to conduct regular inspections around the locality to check for compliance to all regulations including health and hygiene issues and operation of legal or illegal activities. Businesses will then be required to pay a flat rate of R500.00 towards their service accounts.

Individuals are requested to contact the municipality should they require more information on these matters, the Budget and Treasury Office in particular.


Dipaleseng Local Municipality