07 Sep 2017 11:36

Every financial year, the municipality rolls out projects in order to address infrastructure development backlogs of the locality. While it is understood that the community might complain about the slow paced delivery of infrastructure development, cognizance of the fact that these projects demand massive financial backing which the institution does not have at its disposal should be viewed as a major contributing factor to this.

Some of these capital projects are funded through the annual Municipal Infrastructure Grant allocation received annually specifically for this reason, while others come from sources such as government sector departments and other external sources.

These are over and above the other daily maintenance tasks that are continually taking place in and around the locality through the internal Operations and Maintenance (O & M) budget of the municipality.

Another significant aspect to the municipality is the upliftment of the local community in the implementation of these projects is in the form of subcontracting to local SMMEs and creation of local job opportunities. The municipality is of the view that job creation, poverty alleviation and local business support are crucially important in the development of the local economic landscape.

Some of these projects have already been completed like the Provision of Sewer reticulation for four hundred and fifty (450) households in Grootvlei in ward 5 which created fifty four (54) local job opportunities and a total of four (4) local SMMEs were appointed while others are still in implementation phase.

Project Description Location Implementing Agent Project cost Planned Completion date Project Status Service Provider WOC CREATED Local SMMEs APPOINTED
Upgrading of Monareng, Lefokotsane and Nkonkoni Street Siyathemba (Ward 2 & 4) DLM R20 million (MIG) December 2017 Monareng Street: 100% Completed Lefokotsane: 37% Physical Projects Nkonkoni: 25% Physical Project Consultant: GMH Engineers Contractor: Maduludi Cc 35 5
Upgrading of Grootvlei WWTW Grootvlei (Ward 5) DLM R37 million (MIG) April 2018 Civil and Structural works completed. Mechanical & electrical contractor appointed. Consultant: Mott MacDonald Contractor: Khanya Engineered Projects 59 0
Provision of sewer reticulation in Grootvlei Ext. 21 Grootvlei (Ward 5) DLM R9 million (MIG) March 2017 completed Consultant: Mott MacDonald Contractor: Wax Engineering 54 4
Upgrading and renovation of Municipal office building Balfour (ward 3) CoGTA R16 million September 2017 Physical progress: 73% Consultant: Monde Consulting Engineers Contractor: 84 6
Upgrading Of Balfour MV System, 6.6kv and The Existing Substation Balfour (ward 3) DLM R6 million (INEP) May 2017 Completed Mothapo Consulting Engineers 8 0
Construction of new Balfour substation Balfour (ward 3) DLM R60 million (INEP) June 2019 Planning Stage F & A Consulting Engineers 0 0
Upgrading of old feeder lines in Dipaleseng Balfour, Grootvlei & Greylingstad DLM R3 million (INEP) April 2017 completed Imbawula Technical Services 34 0
Turnkey design and construction to improve water pressure in Siyathemba Siyathemba (Ward 1,2 & 4) GSDM R7 million March 2017 completed MK Dube/Lefiso Consulting 18 4
construction of a new 250mm uPVC pipeline to convey clear water from Siyathemba to Grootvlei Grootvlei and Siyathemba Rand Water/GSDM/DLM/DWS R78 million October 2017 Physical progress: 73% Tiger Business Enterprise 28 4
Reconstruction & Upgrading of intersection between R23 and R51 and 3 bridges Balfour & Greylingstad SANRAL R 18 million   49% SMEC Consulting Engineers and Fountain Civil Engineers 42 9


“It is also important that we foster inclusive development throughout all the wards within the locality so that all our people know and understand that our government cares for all”, said the Executive Mayor, Cllr. Mafunda Makhubu.

Dipaleseng is performing relatively well on its 2017/18 financial year MIG spending, having already spent over R 8 million of its R19 million allocation, placing it at 42%.

There are also other projects that will benefit a big portion of our communities like the construction of low-cost housing units in Siyathemba and Grootvlei. The construction of the stimulation centre in Nthoroane and the Skills Development Centre in Balfour are other exciting projects that are at embryotic stage.


Dipaleseng Local Municipality