25 Apr 2017 11:30

Excitement filled the air on Tuesday, 25 th April 2017, as the council of Dipaleseng Local Municipality handed over the construction site to the appointed contractor responsible for low cost housing development soon to commence in Ridgeview area in Siyathemba.

As this is a new green field development, the Integrated Residential Development Programme (IRDP) is applied to finance a holistic, all-inclusive and integrated township. Preceding this project was the Provision of internal municipal engineering services for the entire area. This is meant to ensure that upon completion of the top structures, beneficiaries would occupy fully serviced houses. Other processes such as the availability of bulk services and the connection thereof will run concurrently to conclude all of them collectively.

The area has a total of three thousand five hundred (3 500) stands through which the municipality intends on implementing a mixed housing development program. This will allow for diversity and integration of the population that will reside there. This multiyear project implemented by the Department of Human Settlements will see the construction of one thousand five hundred units (1 500) in the next two financial years which will benefit the needy community from Dipaleseng, with preference given to the elderly, disabled and child headed households.

The strategy for the allocation of housing, there will be a population mix of beneficiaries fed by the National Housing Needs register and any other potential beneficiaries who are deemed in dire need and are not on the database. The houses will be the minimum standard of forty square metre (40m²) units with the exception of forty five square metre (45m special dwellings for disabled persons dependent on wheelchair use and all housing units will among other specifications comprise of tiled roof, ceilings plastering inside and outside the house as well as painting inside and outside.

The contractor, Prince of Tides committed to forging mutually beneficial working relations with the municipality and community at large in the construction of quality top structures through uplifting local businesses and utilizing local labour A project steering committee will be established and a Community Liaison Officer will be appointed to assist in ensuring the smooth implementation of the project from beginning to completion


Dipaleseng Local Municipality