Revenue Enhancement Notice

02 Feb 2018 08:57

In terms of the Municipal Systems Act. Act 32 of 2000, the Municipality is also obligated to adopt a credit and debt control policy, through which it is legally bound to recover all monies due to the institution payable by consumers and taxpayers.

In the same breath, the municipality is legally bound to fairness towards its service to consumers and tax payers and it therefore reiterates and confirms its obligation and commitment to treat all residents and business owners equally in all of its decisions.

The municipality therefore urges all consumers and taxpayers who have outstanding balances to avoid any unnecessary legal costs by settling their debts on or before the 7th of every month or alternatively enter into an acceptable re-payment agreement.

By law, the municipality, has a statutory right to restrict or terminate services for whatever outstanding amount due to the municipality. The municipality will also apply section 11.5 of the Debt Control Policy, wherein the 70/30 per cent principle will be applied for those in arrears using prepaid services and those in conventional will be permanently cut-off.

Consumers can contact the Budget & Treasury Unit for more information, make payments and/or to- enter into re-payment agreement.


Dipaleseng Local Municipality