24 Feb 2017 11:28

On Friday, 24 th February 2017 residents from different age groups and races from all over Dipaleseng gathered at the Siyathemba Thusong Service Centre to catch the live broadcast of the State of the Province Address by the Premier Mr. David Mabuza The hall quickly filled to capacity as resident eagerly awaited the commencement of the proceeding reflecting their anticipation for what is instore for them in the premier’s address.

Four workshops were held at different areas of Dipaleseng prior to the live broadcast to educate residents on what exactly the SOPA is and what they should expect from the address.

Local political leadership was also present at the viewing to share the intermittent experience with the community.

The premier gave a situational analysis of the province at large and indicated that the province is in the process of telling a new story in which everyone matter and cared for. He indicated that the province longs for a future of equal opportunities for all, founded on unity and social solidarity. No farmworker must suffer abuse no woman subjected to abuse and violence no- abuse of senior citizen and neglected and left destitute.

The Premier reiterated that citizen should not merely be passengers on this journey, but they should be the drivers that should dictate the route to be followed and that they should be listened to. He also focused on economy growth and addressed the unemployment issue while he also touched on improved education and health care services. He further accounted on these promises previously made to Mpumalanga communities.

The Premier’s announcement of a total of three thousand five hundred housing (3500) units to be built in Dipaleseng through the Department of Human Settlement was received by a loud applause and hailing by the community members. This is a clear indicator of strengthened development commitments in Dipaleseng as never before has the municipality received such a large housing allocation as this one.


Dipaleseng Local Municipality